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Prayer to St. Agnes (engaged couples)

St. Agnes stained glass - Our Lady of the Rosary Monastery, Buffalo, NY

Dearest St. Agnes, virgin and martyr, I come to you asking your prayers on behalf of (name man) and (name woman) who are engaged to be married.

As they go through the engagement process pray that they grow in their love for one another, that they are accepting of each other’s faults, weaknesses and flaws, and that they are kind, considerate and patient with one another.

Plead with the Lord that they are filled with every gift and grace needed to successfully join their lives together in holy matrimony.

Pray dear saint that their marriage is filled with joy and that they are always as faithful to one another as you were to Christ.

Thank you St. Agnes for your prayers for (name man) and (name woman) at this exciting time in their lives.   Amen.

Written by:   Ann Fitch

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