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Prayer to St. Agatha (sexual assault)

St. Agatha stained glass

O blessed St. Agatha, you witnessed the horror of sexual assault and the humiliation and indignity that occur as a result.  

I beg of you to pray for (name person) who has suffered so much.

You understand all that (name person) has been through and how it is affecting him/her.

Plead with the Lord that He bless (name person) with healing in mind, body and heart and that He grace (name person) with the gift of forgiveness so that he/she can find peace and wholeness as you did.

Ask the Lord to send angels to minister to (name person) and to guard and protect him/her from any further harm.

Thank you, dear saint, for your understanding, help, prayers and continued intercession for (name person).   Amen.

Written by:   Ann Fitch

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