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Prayer for a Sick Child

Sick Child

Heavenly Father, (name child) is ill.

     I lift him/her up to You for healing.  You are the Doctor of all doctors.  Through the power of Your Holy Spirit heal him/her.

     Lord, I ask You to guide the physicians attending to (name child) and grant them the wisdom they need to restore him/her to fullness of health.  Fill the attending nurses with compassion.  May they be immediately aware of his/her every need and be gentle and understanding as they assist his/her parents.

I pray that You give this child’s parents strength and courage.  Comfort their souls and fill their hearts with peace and joy as they care for (name child). Bless them and help them to place all their trust in Your merciful love.  I ask You to work a wondrous miracle in this family, Lord.


Written by:   Ann Fitch

Image Credit: Photo by kourtlynlott

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