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Prayer to St. Luke (doctors)

St. Luke stained glass - Newcastle Cathedral - Newcastle upon Tyne, England

O holy apostle, St. Luke, I ask your intercession on behalf of all doctors, especially (name person).  

Humbly lay them at the Divine Physician’s feet asking that they have: the wisdom and knowledge necessary to treat their patients effectively and restore them to physical and mental health; the compassion and empathy necessary to be of comfort to those who are suffering; and the strength and grace to fulfill their duties as doctors.

I also ask that you pray they are kept safe from all harm and that they never succumb to the illnesses they are treating.

O blessed St. Luke, we thank you for your prayers and assistance.   Amen.

Written by:   Ann Fitch

Image Credit:
St Luke flickr photo by Lawrence OP shared under a Creative Commons ( BY-NC-ND ) license

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