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Prayer to St. Gerard Majella (pregnant women)

Dear St. Gerard, patron saint of pregnant women, I ask you to lovingly place (name person) and her unborn child(ren) in the Blessed Mother’s arms.  Ask her, as a mother, to plead for their health and safety, before the Holy Trinity with you. Pray that (name person) will be patient and trusting during her pregnancy […]


Prayer to St. Gemma Galgani (back problems)

Oh glorious St. Gemma Galgani you suffered excruciating back pain for years.   You know how painful it is to have doctors cauterize your back and how restricting it is to wear an iron brace. You know well what people with back pain suffer.  Teach (name person) through your perfect example how to suffer out […]


Prayer to St. Gabriel Possenti (college students)

 St. Gabriel Possenti, great student who loved learning, I ask you to look after (name student) and all students who are studying in college.I ask you to place them at the feet of the Father and pray that they are surrounded with good friends who lead them ever closer to Him, excellent teachers who give […]


Prayer to St. Florian (firefighters)

St. Florian, patron of firefighters I present to you all firefighters, especially (name person).  I ask that you pray for their protection.  Ask the Lord to keep them safe from all harm and to bless them with courage and wisdom as they serve their communities.Pray that they remain dedicated to their work and that they […]


Prayer to St. Filippo Smaldone (deaf/ear ailments)

O holy and charitable St. Filippo Smaldone, patron saint of the deaf and those with ear ailments, I come to you seeking your intercession for (name person) and all who suffer with ear problems.I know you spent your life dedicated to those who could not hear – to their needs and their welfare.Confident in your […]


Prayer to St. Eulalia (runaways and missing children)

Blessed martyr St. Eulalia, I come before you seeking your intercession on behalf of (name youth) who has run away or is missing.Pray a spirit of protection over him/her and pray that his/her parents be freed from fear and anxiety.Ask God to deeply bless (name youth) at this moment and fill him/her to overflowing with […]


Prayer to St. Elizabeth of Hungary (widows)

O blessed St. Elizabeth of Hungary, you understood well the trials and sufferings of a widow.   You lost your beloved husband at a young age and raised four children alone.You truly knew what it meant to trust in God’s providence and believe that God would always provide. You adapted to new conditions and became […]

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