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Prayer to St. Thomas Aquinas (students)

Dear St. Thomas Aquinas, patron saint of students, I come before you on behalf of (name student(s)) and all who are in school.   Pray, dear saint, along with the Blessed Virgin Mary, that he/she/they be open to learning and that he/she/they be dedicated to his/her/their studies so that he/she/they can grow in knowledge, understanding […]


Prayer to St. Teresa of Avila (headache sufferers)

O blessed St. Teresa of Avila, patron saint of headache sufferers, look kindly upon (name person) and all who suffer and endure pain in the head.   Pray for them before your beloved and plead with Him to take away their pain if that be His holy will.   If not, along with you, may […]


Prayer to St. Stephen (deacons)

O holy martyr and deacon St. Stephen, I come before you on behalf of (name person) and all deacons who faithfully serve the Church.   I pray that you ask the Lord to fill their hearts with compassion, their minds with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, their hearts with zeal and a deep desire […]


Prayer to St. Scholastica (sisters/nuns)

O gracious St. Scholastica, bride of Christ, I ask your intercession for all religious, especially (name person).   Please go to your Spouse and ask Him to bless them with every gift and grace they need to live out their calling with joy and a burning love for God and His Church.   Ask Him […]


Prayer to St. Roch (dogs)

O blessed St. Roch, patron saint of dogs, I ask you to pour out your love upon my dog(s).   May my sweet dog(s) always be loving and loyal and be a joy to me and those I love. Carry my dog(s) to the throne of the Father and ask Him to bless my dog(s) […]


Prayer to St. Roch (contagious diseases)

St. Roch, during your life you helped countless people who suffered from contagious diseases.   Intercede on behalf of (name person) who is caring for ill people and ask the Lord to protect him/her from contracting any illnesses he/she is helping to treat.   Pray the Lord bless (name person) with a loving and generous […]


Prayer to St. Rita of Cascia (difficult marriages)

O glorious St. Rita, full of confidence in your intercession, I deign to come before you seeking your prayers for all those in troubled marriages, especially (name people). You suffered in your marriage and you know well the needs of those who are struggling within their marriages.   I beg you to plead before God […]

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