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Prayer to St. Alban (refugees)

O generous St. Alban, you took in and kept safe a holy priest who was fleeing persecution and you were martyred for your faith.Look kindly upon (name person) and all who are fleeing persecution or are seeking refuge for any reason.Ask the Lord to send angels to protect them and keep them safe from harm.Pray for […]


Prayer to St. Agnes (engaged couples)

Dearest St. Agnes, virgin and martyr, I come to you asking your prayers on behalf of (name man) and (name woman) who are engaged to be married. As they go through the engagement process pray that they grow in their love for one another, that they are accepting of each other’s faults, weaknesses and flaws, […]


Prayer to St. Agatha (sexual assault)

O blessed St. Agatha, you witnessed the horror of sexual assault and the humiliation and indignity that occur as a result.  I beg of you to pray for (name person) who has suffered so much.You understand all that (name person) has been through and how it is affecting him/her.Plead with the Lord that He bless […]


Prayer to St. Agatha (breast ailments)

 St. Agatha, patroness of those with breast ailments, I come before you seeking your assistance for (name person) and all those who are suffering with breast ailments of any kind.Present each one to the blessed Trinity and plead their case asking that they be healed if that is God’s holy will.If they must continue to […]


Prayer to St. Joseph (fathers)

St. Joseph – Patron Saint of Fathers. O blessed St. Joseph, loving foster father of Jesus and most chaste spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, I ask your intercession…..


Prayer to One’s Patron Saint

A prayer to your Patron Saint.
O heavenly Patron, upon whose help I rely, pray ever before God for me: that my faith be strong; my life be virtuous; my soul protected from harm……

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